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She looks like a pumpkin and a witch. Her face is wonderful & unique. She is wearing a black & tan print dress with a black lace petticoat and embellished with tinsel garland.  17” tall.

 Pattern by Veena’s Mercantile. MCP-185                                                  

Wouldn’t this witch look great on your front door. She will welcome all your guests with her “All Hallows Eve” banner. 27” tall

 Pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives.  MCP-188                                                   

Sitting on the moon , this Jack-o-lantern is holding a pennant with Oct. 31 stamped on it to remind us that Halloween is on it’s way. 12” tall.

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings.  MCP-189                                                  

A small owl tucked in a pumpkin. His wings are burlap & he is holding a star on a stick. 11” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings MCP-190                                                  

A small black cat with a witch hat  is peeking out of a jack-o-lantern.He is holding a star on a stick. 11” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. MCP-191

Black witch cat is holding a garland of jack-o-lanterns. Her dress is old gold plaid & her hat is decorated with black tinsel garland. 20” tall

 Pattern by Catnip Primitives.  MCP-192                                                  

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A super prim pumpkin with a huge smile & holding a large piece of candy corn. 15” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. MCP-193                                                  

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A very handsome pumpkin man. He has so much personality and has a real pumpkin stem on his hat.  20” tall

 Pattern by Veena’s Mercantile- MCP-203                                                  

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A cat witch in a old boot. What screams Halloween more than that? Vintage buttons and burlap add to the prim look.  24” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings - MCP-207                                                  

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A ghost, black cat & pumpkin-Oh my!  A great Halloween decoration to set on your entry table next to the treat bowl. 16” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings- MCP-205                                                  

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A spooky black cat with an orange & black striped tail. He is so prim & fun. He has a Halloween poem on his pumpkin. 18” tall

 Pattern by Dee Duncan Folk Art- MCP-206                                                  

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These pilgrims are ready to welcome all your Thanksgiving guests. So prim & would look great with one of our turkeys. Pilgrims sold as a set. 14-17” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings- MCP-204                                                  

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This witch is so spooky-but the little bat on her shoulder is spookier.  Won’t she look great on  your shelf or mantle. 12” tall

 Pattern by Threadbare Primitives - MCP-246                                                  

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A green witch? But of course! She is so fun with embroidered eyebrows and short messy black hair. She will look great next to your pumpkins! 12” tall

 Pattern by Crows Roost Prims - MCP-248                                                  

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This witch looks a bit tired and  haggard. Her gray hair is just a mess. But she will still help you celebrate Halloween. 23” tall

 Pattern by Sweetpea Primitives - MCP-247                                                  

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Spell out “autumn” with these very prim blocks. Each one has a autumn themed image & papers decoupaged to a pumpkin painted block 1 1/2” blocks

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-234                                                  

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Our own pumpkin man has so much personality. His eyes are metal nuts, His mouth is old chain and he has a vintage print on his front.With sticks for legs he will sit handsomely on an old crate. 18.5” tall

 Original by Muddy Creek Primitives - MCP-245                                                  

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This liitle pudgy black owl is so prim. Won’t he look wonderful next to  a white or green pumpkin. Or you could tuck  a bunch of sticks around him.  7” tall

 Pattern inspired by Anne Wood - MCP-244                                                 

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We’ve taken our best-selling pumpkins and stacked them up to make an impressive  prim Halloween decoration. 21” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives - MCP-243                                                  

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Our  pumpkin girl is all decked out in Halloween fun with pumpkin seed packet print on her bodice and a tulle overskirt with black trim. She is holding a wool felt Jack-o-lantern. 17” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives - MCP-264                                                  

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A not so scary witch that will sit perfectly on an old bench or mantle. She is holding a cone decorated for Halloween. 24” tall

 Pattern by Chestwick & Co - MCP-263


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Hang several of these bats all over your home.They add Halloween fun to just about anything.  6” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings - MCP-262                                                  

12.00 32.00

A Halloween parade that will bring the spooky fun to your home . This trio will look so great on a table or sitting on an old shelf. 6” x 18”

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings- MCP-261                                                  

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This not so scary witch will prim up your Halloween décor. She is painted orange and her clothes are black. Her bodice has a vintage looking print. She is holding a small sign with “witch” stamped on card stock and decorated with ribbon & netting. 21” tall

 Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-282                                                  

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 What a fun Halloween doll.  Our pumpkin girl is holding a “Happy Halloween” banner and has a rusty moon necklace. Her legs are striped orange homespun and she has a stick for her stem. She is permanently mounted to a board with felt base so it won’t scratch your furniture. 18” tall

 Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-283                            

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 Who doesn’t love a green witch with a big ole’ nose? Her hair is wool roving in gray and black. She has vintage white button teeth.and black buttons and old rusty washers for eyes. She is mounted on an old barn board which has old sheet music glued to it. A fabric bat hovers on the hanger. 18” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-284                                                                              

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Our happy scarecrow is ready to greet your guests with a whimsical quote from L. Frank Baum “Wizard of Oz” author. He has a burlap nose and old rusty washers and buttons for eyes. A small crow is hovering above on the hanger. 18” tall

 Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-285                                                                              

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“BOO” cat is ready to welcome Halloween to your home. She has a festive black and homespun burnt orange dress with a black burlap thread skirt over the top. Her legs are orange and black polka dot. Her nose is gold wool felt and her eyes are gold and black crochet thread. She is holding a “BOO” garland made from old lathe. She is standing on an board that is painted old gold & black crackle finish. 23” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-294                                                

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Here is a black cat with a fun attitude. Her party hat is so festive and colorful. She is wearing a gathered skirt that is all grunged up. Her face is stitched with tan thread and she has vintage buttons for eyes. Around her neck is a rusty star. 16” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-298                                                

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My gray pumpkin doll is perfect for the popular farmhouse look in your home. She has a gray plaid homespun dress with a black underskirt that is fringed at the bottom. Her black card +stock cat is so vintage looking. She is standing on a orange board. 19” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-297                                                

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This plush felt black cat is so dapper in his black and orange polka dot suspenders and tan and black pants. His top hat is also trimmed with the black and orange polka dot fabric. He is holding a vintage looking paper lantern. Black cat is standing on a orange board. 20” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives-


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This pumpkin witch is so playful with her black and white polka dot coat and purple basket. Her dress is black with homespun orange. Her legs are burnt orange and gray stripe. She has a “W”  ( for witch) on her hat. Twine holds her coat together and trims her hat. She is standing on a orange board. 23 1/2” tall

Original by Muddy Creek Primitives


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