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Helping you add prim personality to every bit of your home!

This sweet mama bunny is taking care of her three baby bunnies by holding them close in her apron. She is wearing an olive green dress & is all  “grunged up”. 27” tall

 Pattern by Gloria Lowell. MCP-63                                                  

It’s springtime & this little chick is so happy. She is wearing a party hat and is out taking a stroll with her egg balloon. Paper mache head and balloon. 10” tall

 Pattern by Country Stitches. MCP-52                                                  

“Anchors Away” This darling little sailor chick is welcoming spring with his “Happy Spring” flag.  10” tall

 Pattern by Bird in Hand Primitives. MCP-49                                                   

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A precious bunny that has a rusty tin cone on her back filled with hydrangeas & lavender flowers. She is all ready to deliver some spring to your home. 12” tall

 Pattern by Hidden in the Attic . MCP-35                                                  

Guess who found the biggest & sweetest carrot in the garden? This very sweet bunny. She is wearing a brown dress with a small cream stripe & a cheesecloth belt. 28” tall

 Pattern by Olde Homestead Barn. MCP-186                                                  

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Some bunny's going out on the town in her beautiful aqua floral dress & carrot necklace. She is holding a bouquet of hydrangeas. 26” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. MCP-183                                                  

A very prim black bunny who has a little bunny along with a few flowers & pip berries tucked in her pocket. 10 tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. MCP-181                                                  

This white 19” bunny is so unique with his big black eyes & brown striped overalls. He is all ready to take his little 9“ duck for a walk out in the rain & let him splash to his hearts content .

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. MCP-184                                                  

Could this daddy bunny hold his baby bunny any tighter? He is a very grungy bunny in his black & tan striped pants & shirt. 21” tall

 Pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings. MCP-182                                                  

This black bunny is ready to nibble on his carrots. His pockets are carrying carrots on his back. 16” tall

 Pattern by Veenas Mercantile. MCP-50                                                  

This sweet bunny is holding a bag of spring flowers. She is standing and attached to a board. 28” tall

 Pattern by Veenas Mercantile. MCP-38                                                  

Our bunny has the look of an old Feed Sack. His head is a copy of an old print printed on muslin. He has a aqua cone on his back filled with flowers. 19” tall

Design by Muddy Creek Primitives. MCP-179                                                  

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This large fabric heart has a vintage heart shaped quilt pocket stitched to the front. Pocket holds roses & other floral's. LOVE tags are attached to the quilted heart. 13x20”.

 Pattern by Winter Garden Primitives- MCP-171                                                  

These Valentine cones  are filled with handmade fabric roses, You can have your choice of LOVE or XOXO down the front of the cone. 13” tall.

 Pattern by Dee Duncan-MCP-166


A valentine angel is bringing an armful of hearts perfect for Valentines Day. Her crown and wings have sheet music printed on muslin. 7” tall.

 Pattern by The Primitive Pear. MCP-128                                                  

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Such a tiny bunny, but so cute. He is wearing overalls held up by twine. He is also holding a fabric egg. 7” tall

 Pattern by Crows Roost Prims -MCP-133                                                  

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1” wooden blocks that spell out “SPRING”. These blocks are covered with decorative papers & antiqued to look old.

Original design by Muddy Creek Primitives- MCP-65                                                  

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